Ground Coffee

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8 Results

Caffè Borbone roasted and ground coffee

For domestic use, Caffè Borbone suggests Moka roasted and ground coffee suitable for those who love to prepare coffee with a coffeepot or with espresso machines that use ground coffee. Obtained with blends of roasted and ground coffee, available in packs of 250 gr.


Caffè Borbone powder coffee for Moka

You can buy on the 250g packets of ground Borbone Coffee for coffee makers (coffeepot) and automatic machines. Savings packs are also available at an even cheaper price.

Roasted and ground coffee is packaged in soft bags equipped with a aroma protection valve, able to best preserve, in a protected atmosphere, all the fragrance and aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The coffee is in fact packed immediately after roasting and grinded, in order to preserve its taste and body.


The Nobile blend (blue pack) is obtained from a selection of coffee blends. It has a "noble" flavor, it is a vigorous espresso with an intense aroma. The optimal yield in the cup is a perfect balance between body, sweetness and persistence.
The Decisa blend (light blue pack) is intense and robust, ideal for a rich, creamy and intense Neapolitan espresso with a marked flavor.

Moka Karina

For those who love ground coffee, various models of Moka Karina, the brand new Caffè Borbone brand coffee maker with decorated ceramic binder, are also available for sale online.