Our “circular coffee”

At Caffè Borbone, even the waste generated by the production process can become a resource for other consumption or production cycles.

In the roasting department of the Caivano plant, some 35,000 tonnes of raw coffee are roasted each year. Two by-products are recovered from the roasting machines: the “silverskins”, which are the films that wrap around the coffee bean, and the sieved powders. These materials do not become waste but are used for composting or for other forms of upgrading, such as use in the production of fertilisers. The jute sacks containing the coffee are also recovered: in years gone by they were sent to a social cooperative that turned them into tote bags, giving them a new lease of life, while today they are given to farms that use them to mulch their land. In fact, jute is used to cover the soil and protect it from weeds, erosion and the action of driving rain, thus maintaining the correct moisture content and preventing the formation of the so-called surface crust, mitigating the soil temperature.

Our “circular coffee”

Responsible resources

At Caffè Borbone we want to minimise waste, by using raw materials responsibly.
These are the statistics showing our practical commitment to the environment:

  • 83% renewable raw materials
  • 66% recyclable products
  • 43% recycled in packaging

The following materials are also recovered and put to new uses each year:

  • Over 500 tonnes of silverskins
  • About 60/70 tonnes of aluminium scrap
  • 400 tonnes of jute sacks
  • About 400 tonnes of paper
  • About 200 tonnes of plastic packaging
Responsible resources