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Moka Borbone NOBILE blend - 2Kg Bundle 4x500gr


The Nobile blend is; a balanced and full-bodied blend, obtained from the selection of blends for a perfect balance between body, persistence and sweetness

The Nobile blend is characterized by its noble flavour, vigorous character and intense aroma. New! New package containing soft bag with aroma-saving valve. With this new system, the maximum fragrance of the product is guaranteed, ground and freshly toasted, packaged in a protective atmosphere, without letting the aromas evaporate first, as is normally done with rigid bags

Buying this 2kg savings bundle and you will receive 4 packs of 50gr each!

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Borbone Moka DECISA Blend 2x250gr BIPACK

q. 4


Decisa blend is an intense and robust blend: creamy with an intense taste and a marked flavor.

A firm character that evokes the typical tradition of true Neapolitan coffee, thanks to a fine selection of blends, created for a full-bodied espresso. Focus on! The new pack has soft bag with a aroma-saver valve. This new system we guarantee the best fragrance of the product: ground and just roasted, packed in a protected atmosphere. Flavours do not evapore as it usually happens with rigid bags

Save by purchasing the 2Kg bundle!

Caffè Borbone Nobile blend, roasted and ground coffee in 500gr packs. Ideal for moka pots and automatic machines. You will receive 4 packs of 500 grams each.


Roast & ground coffee

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Moka Borbone NOBILE blend - 2Kg Bundle 4x500gr



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