Caffè Borbone wants to pay tribute to its "mother tongue"

From today, all those who want to get in touch with will also be able to select Neapolitan at the switchboard.

This is another way to claim our origins and affirm the value of Neapolitanism that Caffè Borbone revives every day, not only through its name and brand, but above all through the gesture of tasting a good coffee, the true Neapolitan espresso.To contact our customer service, place orders or request information about our products, call us at the numbers:

800 811 137 to call from Italy

+39 081 18 92 00 46 to call from abroad

and select to the switchboard:

1 to speak with an operator in NEAPOLITAN

2 to speak with an operator in ITALIAN

3 to speak with an operator in ENGLISH, but also in FRENCH or SPANISH

from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5.30pm Italy time - no stop