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23 Results
23 Results
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BUNDLE tasting kit
BUNDLE tasting kit

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Borbone Paper Pods Ese 44 mm


With the ESE Caffè Borbone paper filter pods of size 44 mm, 100% compatible with all the machines that use the Easy Serving Espresso system, making coffee has never been so easy and cheap.
Borbone brings to your home 5 different qualities of coffee, distinguishable from the color of the sachet containing the wafer: Blue, round and balanced; Black, creamy and toasted to the right point; Gold, with taste and traditional flavors; Red, energetic and with an intense taste; Green Dek, light and creamy decaffeinated.
The Borbone paper pods contain 7.2 grams of ground coffee and packaged in a protective atmosphere, with the aim of maintaining fragrance, aroma and taste unchanged over time. These are compostable pods, which can be differentiated in the wet.
To complement the Caffè Borbone blends we also offer 8 different types of fragrances: Ginseng, Chamomile with melatonin, Barley, Fruit Infusion ,Lemon tea, Tea cinnamon and orange, Ginger and lemon herbal tea and Tisana detox


Pods for the ESE 44mm system

Borbone pods use the E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) standard, a technology that allows you to make excellent espresso in just a few easy steps.
They can be used on all coffee machines using this system, including the Faber machine, Didiesse® Frog, Bialetti Mokona and Bialetti Tazzona.

Compostable coffee pods

Caffè Borbone pods come in 5 different flavours:

Blue Blend: Perfectly roasted, this fine blend of Arabica and Robusta yields a well-balanced coffee;
Nera Blend: Creamy and rich;
Gold Blend: The flavour and aroma of traditional Neapolitan espresso;
Red Blend: A strong, decisive flavour that gives you the energy boost you crave;
Green Dek Blend: A decaffeinated, light coffee with all the flavour of traditional Neapolitan espresso.

With their 100% natural wrapping, the pods are compostable and can be disposed of in the wet waste bin for sorted waste collection. The pods have obtained CIC compostability certification from the Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, and have also been awarded the consumer Quality Award.

Caffè Borbone also offers four blends for the Retail line for large-scale retail outlets, i.e. supermarkets and hypermarkets:

Suprema Blend: for the most demanding palate, a characterful, sweet and creamy espresso, the perfect mix of flavour and refinement.
Nobile Blend: fragrant, with a rounded, well-balanced flavour.
Decisa Blend: for a typically strong and creamy Neapolitan espresso.
Dek Blend: decaffeinated coffee full of flavour, creaminess and strength.

Tea and hot drinks

In addition to our delicious coffees, Caffè Borbone also offers 6 fabulous lines of hot flavoured beverages:

Ginseng coffee: energizing and anti-stress;

Lemon Tea: The unique taste to warm up your day

Chamomile with melatonin: calming and anti-inflammatory; 

Barley espresso: the perfect compromise for an excellent espresso;

Fruit infusion: unique fragrances with natural properties; 

Ginger and lemon herbal tea: a burst of original taste to conquer the palate.

Cinnamon and orange herbal tea: a perfect mix for an original aroma

Detox herbal tea: an excellent ally to aid digestion

Pods vs Capsules

People tend to confuse the terms “pod” and “capsule”, and they are often used as synonyms. The difference between them is very simple: the coffee pod is a biodegradable or compostable paper filter, made in a variety of sizes, containing 7 grams of ground coffee. Borbone pods have a diameter of 44 millimetres. Capsules, on the other hand, work only with systems designed to accept the capsule in question.


If you want to know the opinions of other users and consumers who have already tasted and enjoyed Caffè Borbone pods, refer to the reviews included with each product sheet.