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8 Results
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Compatibility with coffee machines

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Borbone Capsule COMPATIBILI con Lavazza®* Espresso Point®*


Caffè Borbone, with its COMPATIBLE Capsules, let you to drink the real Neapolitan espresso directly into your dwelling.

Borbone offers 5 types of fragrances suitable for every situation: Blue, full-bodied and balanced; Black, creamy and with a perfect degree of roasting; Gold, with a perfect roasting and full taste; Red, strong and distinct taste; Green, dek that does not renounce to the taste and flavor of espresso. In addition to the coffee blends that the Neapolitan brand offers, in this section you can find other three drinks that will satisfy your taste: Coffee with ginseng, Barley Coffee and Lemon The. Discover the INCREDIBLE OFFERS on


Caffè Borbone Capsules Compatible with Lavazza ® Espresso Point ®* brand machines

Caffè Borbone capsules are compatible with Lavazza ® Espresso Point ®* brand machines, such as Lavazza ®* ECL 101, EP Mini, Ep 2100, EL 3100, EL 3200 and many others!


Borbone Blends

Caffè Borbone offers 5 different blends, each of them having its own qualities. There is one for all the system mentioned.

Blue Blend: The taste is balanced and has the right level of roasting, it was born from the perfect mix of Arabica quality and Robusta. The special attention for the roasting timing means a creamy and compact coffee at the same time.
Black Blend: With the perfect mix of Arabica and Robusta, Black Blend has its strongest feature in creaminess. The perfect level of roasting and the right seasoning make this creaminess real.
Gold Blend: This is essential for those who love the taste of a real Neapolitan espresso. The careful mix and the perfect roasting make this coffee inimitable.
Red Blend: Pure energy in a coffee cup. Strong and thick, born from the mix of the best coffee qualities.
Green Blend: The decaf with the espresso taste. Light and creamy, it keeps the taste and the aroma that are typical of the real Neapolitan espresso.



Tea and hot drinks

Don't miss the Borbone's soluble:
Ginseng Coffee, very good to cope with stress;
Espresso Barley, classic taste and regenerating properties;
Lemon Te, suitable for every situation.


Pods vs Capsules

Often the terms pods and capsules are used as synonyms. Remember instead the difference between these two types:
the coffee pod is a paper filter with grinded coffee inside usable in all conventional machines and differs from the capsule only by the format, which is presented instead as a rigid container.