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Borbone Respresso Capsules


The Caffè Borbone Respresso capsules, COMPATIBLE WITH HOME COFFEE MACHINES Nespresso®* brand, are essential for those who love the aroma and body of the real Neapolitan coffee.

5 mixtures proposed by Caffè Borbone, recognizable by the colour of the packet containing the capsule: Blue, balanced and full-bodied; Black, creamy and greatly balanced between Arabica and Robusta; Gold, the tradition of real espresso; Red, dense with strong and intense flavour; Green, dek that doesn't renounce to the quality of espresso.


Borbone Capsules Compatible with home coffee machines Nespresso ®* brand

Coffee capsules Caffè Borbone REspresso have been made specifically to be compatible with home coffee machines Nespresso ®* brand, such as Citiz, Essenza, Inissia, Pixie and U.


Blends of coffee in capsules

Caffè Borbone proposes for its Respresso capsules compatible with home coffee machines Nespresso ®* brand in 5 blends able to satisfy even the most skeptical:
Borbone Blue: Classic and balanced with a perfect dosage between Arabica and Robusta quality;
Borbone Black: dense and creamy;
Borbone Gold: The traditional Neapolitan coffee directly to your home;
Borbone Red: A burst of energy due to its strong flavor and intense;
Borbone Green: It may seem the classic espresso, but with only one exception .. is dek!


Capsules vs Pods

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between pods and capsules? Most people confuse these two terms because of the little clarity in the web. The coffee pod is grinded coffee contained in a biodegradable paper filter of size 44 or 38 millimeters. The capsules are instead stiff containers and can be of different form and size according to the compatibility with coffee machines using different types of capsules systems.



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