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A creamy espresso as good as at the bar or the aroma of coffee slowly rising from the Moka pot: the best way to drink coffee is the one that makes you feel at home.

For this reason, the magic of Borbone also arrives in the best supermarkets of large-scale distribution with many products designed to give you the pleasure of real Neapolitan coffee, in many different formats, for all tastes.


Noble Blend

Balanced and refined

Noble, like the ancient art of Neapolitan coffee, this blend with a harmonious and balanced taste is perfect for the most refined palates. The ideal balance between body and aroma and its refined but long-lasting taste make it an incomparable coffee, for true connoisseurs.

The perfect blend to feel in tune

The perfect balance between delicacy and taste: with Miscela Nobile just a taste is enough to savor a pleasant pause of delicious relaxation.



Supreme Blend

Soft and creamy

The soft taste and sweetness of Blend Suprema caress the palate giving moments of pure pleasure: its body is round and creamy, enveloping like the complex and harmonious aroma it can give off. A coffee that makes you fall in love and that knows how to win everyone's heart, in one sip.

The perfect blend for romantic souls

Soft and sweet like a hug, Blend Suprema goes straight to the heart from the palate. Unique, like the first true love.


Decided Blend

Intense and persistent

A blend with a strong character and a sweet soul: its full, structured body and strong taste leave room for a pleasant taste on the palate and a unique creaminess. Energetic and concrete, like those who know what they want and are looking for a coffee with an unmistakable personality.

The perfect blend for a full energy boost

To start the day with the right energy, just a taste of Blend Decisa is enough: strong character and intense taste, the ideal ally to regain momentum!


Decaffeinated Blend

Tasty and original

Strong body and intense aroma, this blend can give the pleasure of real Neapolitan espresso, even in the dek version. Thanks to the exclusive technology of Caffè Borbone, the Decaffeinated Blend maintains a strong body and an intense aroma, for the happiness of those who do not want to give up anything, except caffeine.

The perfect blend for those who know how to look beyond

 Who says decaf is not real coffee? Tasty and creamy, this blend reveals an extraordinary character, like those who think outside the box.

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