Pods and capsules Caffè Borbone Green - Dek blend


Caffè Borbone Green Coffee blend is designed for those who are lovers of decaffeinated espresso, lighter, but without sacrificing the taste, body and creaminess of the classic espresso.

Despite the lower caffeine content, this decaffeinated coffee maintains all the characteristics of the Neapolitan espresso, such as strength, creaminess and body.

The Green / Dek blend is available in both ESE format, ie Easy Serving Espresso pods in 44mm diameter paper filter, and in the format of compatible capsules with domestic Nespresso®* brand coffe machines, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®* brand coffee machines, Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* or Lavazza®* Espresso Point®* brand coffee machines.

Thanks to offers in convenience formats, the price is even more advantageous.