Caffè Borbone, emotion for people and the environment alike

At Caffè Borbone we are aware of the many sensitive aspects of the coffee sector. We feel a responsibility to pursue the sustainable success of our business, by targeting and integrating economic, social and environmental objectives.

This is why we are trying to work responsibly, from the supply of the coffee to the entire life cycle of our products, to convey to consumers all the passion of Caffè Borbone: from the tradition of the true Neapolitan espresso to the pleasure of being part of an increasingly sustainable “Magical Emotion”.

We are deeply committed, with policies, management and operating methods that contribute to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable global economy, respectful of human and employment rights, capable of protecting the environment and actively involved in the integrity of every aspect of the business.

Furthermore, with our active participation in the Italian Coffee Committee, we share the many initiatives of the European Coffee Federation towards the creation of sustainable values throughout the supply chain.

The Sustainability Report in English is available at the following link: Italmobiliare Group – Sustainability Report 2021 – Caffè Borbone 

We acknowledge that Italmobiliare, our parent company, participates in the UN Global Compact, and we support the Ten Principles and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as broader UN goals. We consolidate our support for this initiative fully under our parent’s commitment. Therefore, we do not partecipate in UN Global Impact activities nor we do partecipate in activities of a Global Compact Local Network.

In keeping with Italmobiliare’s approach, the Code of Ethics and the Sustainability Policies adopted by Caffè Borbone explicitly recall the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and support the active contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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