100 Aluminum capsules COMPATIBLE with Nespresso®* machines MAGICA PALERMO blend


Palermo Magic Blend: intense, full-bodied, with a warm and decisive character like the splendid Palermo.

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Do you prefer it in aluminum? Choose it good.

The capsules of the blend “ Magica Palermo ” are made of aluminum and will conquer you by releasing the aroma and unmistakable character of this coffeeè with a strong prevalence of robust quality.

Try the new Caffè Borbone aluminum capsules, compatible with Nespresso®* machines for home use, designed to give you the pleasure of a coffee; exceptional, in all its fragrance.

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From the skilful mix of refined types of Robusta comes an intense blend, with pronounced body, taste and persistence . A unique coffee, for a never dull experience, with an unforgettable flavor.

This is why we wanted to dedicate it to the splendid Palermo, a city of crossings of cultures, with a warm, strong and decisive character. Let us take you on an engaging sensory journey, a sip is enough.

Thanks to the self-protected capsule and the aluminum sealing seal, the product keeps all its fragrance intact, for a truly exceptional coffee, in aroma and taste.

Each pack contains 100 Caff è Borbone Blend “ Magica Palermo ”, divided into 10 cases of 10 capsules each.

Roasted and ground coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere, a skilful crossing of refined types of Robusta.

Each capsule contains 5 grams of coffee.

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Distinctive feature of our Red Blend

Deliciously strong, creamy and brimming with energy. Its bold and persistent character will delight and tantalise the palate. 100% specially selected robusta.

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100 Aluminum capsules COMPATIBLE with Nespresso®* machines MAGICA PALERMO blend



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