Quality control

First choice of raw material

 Today, Caffè Borbone is one of Italy’s main coffee producers, with an extensive commercial network that has allowed its products to be distributed and appreciated all over the world.

 The company is set apart by its unwavering commitment to quality, despite the ever-changing coffee market.

 In addition to top-quality raw ingredients, Caffè Borbone is also driven by constant innovation, with an entire department dedicated to seeking new solutions and meeting its customers’ needs. This unique model has led to a major growth in popularity in Italy and around the world.

Production is currently carried out in two cutting-edge facilities:


Zona ASI, Località Pascarola SNC, 80023, Caivano - Italy

19 Commerce Road, Suite G, Fairfield, New Jersey - USA

Every cup of high-quality Caffè Borbone espresso is made from a carefully selected blend of ingredients and traditions.

We have our own quality management and control system in order to guarantee product safety. Our internal Quality Management System has been checked by independent certification bodies to demonstrate compliance with international standards.



From plantations to process

Quality control starts at the plantation. Our technical team has been helping farmers in rural communities to improve the quality of their products and adopt sustainable agricultural practices for several years.

This system offers us direct access to high-quality raw ingredients and allows us to protect or increase the sustainability of the entire cultivation process.


Industrial control

Our technical team oversees and controls every stage of the preparation process. Both production and packaging are carried out under the watchful eyes of our employees, ensuring that the raw ingredients are safe and perfectly preserved.


Below you can find and download our certifications:



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