Doing business means placing importance not only on financial resources, but also on human and organisational ones. This is why we believe that operational efficiency, combined with the ability to share skills and the no less important ability to create effective supply chain partnerships, is the most appropriate strategic approach to help Caffè Borbone grow in the market and bring our products even closer to your expectations.


Today, the success of a company is measured not only by its growth in the market, but most of all by its ability to do so in a sustainable manner, with special attention to the conservation and enhancement of the natural resources employed and the quality of life of present and future generations. This is why we are committed to creating products that are not only good for you, but also good for the planet. To gauge our commitment to the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals, we chose to turn to EcoVadis, a platform that monitors the sustainability performance of companies and their suppliers. This has helped us to define our goals and gain a practical understanding of the next steps we need to take.

We are well aware that the road to sustainability is long and fraught with challenges, but we want to travel it alongside our consumers, providing a clear and tangible account of our progress. That is because this is who we are and this is how we like to talk: with simplicity and humility, by turning words into actions every day.


Carrying on the tradition of the most authentic Neapolitan coffee does not mean remaining rooted in the past, but rather always looking ahead in order to be able to offer you superior quality products, meeting your needs in the best possible way, every day. For us, the best investment is in the quest for new taste experiences and increasingly sustainable and eco-friendly, supported by the latest technologies.


At Caffè Borbone it doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation, your nationality, your political opinions or religious beliefs are: those who work at Caffè Borbone know that we believe that individual characteristics are an asset for the entire organisation, because everyone is indispensable thanks to their uniqueness.

Social relationships

The best way to create quality products is to create them in a quality environment. We therefore believe that it is fundamental to value personal relationships at work, based on mutual respect, trust, collaboration and the sharing of skills.


This is the key word that guides our work and our relationships with all stakeholders, whether internal or external. For us, respect towards our customers and our collaborators translates into respect for the law and legality, in the fight against corruption, money laundering and criminal organisations, in honesty and transparency, throughout each and every step of the production and distribution chain.