Choose your coffee machine, and we will take you to Naples.

Our products are designed not only to adapt to different types of system, but to allow you

to savour the unmistakable taste of real Italian espresso created from centuries of experience in the Neapolitan tradition. Whatever your coffee machine, we promise to transport you to Naples, with just one sip.


Compatible with
Nespresso®* system

Coffee machines using the Nespresso®* system are among the most popular. In particular, those produced by Krups and De’Longhi are equipped with an exclusive brewing system that regulates temperature, water pressure and extraction time, so you can be sure of an excellent in-cup result.

Nespresso®* compatible Caffè Borbone products can be used with the following coffee machine models:

De’Longhi – Essenza®, Essenza Mini EN85R®, Citiz®, Inissia®, Lattissima Premium®, Pixie®, Prodigio Silver®, U®, Krups – Citiz®, Essenza®, Essenza Mini®, Inissia®, Pixie®, Prodigio Titan®, U®, Nespresso – Essenza Mini C30 Matt Black®, Lattissima One, Didiesse®.

A Modo Mio

Compatible with
A Modo Mio®* system

The Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* system was created by Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. and is designed for domestic coffee pod machines, to allow you to enjoy a delicious coffee break in your own home.

Caffè Borbone products that are compatible with the Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* system can be used with the following coffee machine models:

Espressgo®, Espria®, Extra®, Fantasia®, Favola Electrolux®, Idola®, Jolie®, Magia®, Minù®, Minù Caffè Latte®, Simpla®, Tiny®.

Espresso Point

Compatible with
Espresso Point®* system

The Espresso Point®* system was the first pre-dosed coffee capsule system created by the Luigi Lavazza S.p.A company and is mainly intended for use in the office or workplace, for business customers.

Caffè Borbone products that are compatible with the Lavazza®* Espresso Point®* system can be used with the following coffee machine models:

Como Cup®, EL 3100®, EL 3200®, EP 2100®, EP Inox®, EP Mini®, Didiesse – Isotta, Pagoda®.

Compatible with
Dolce Gusto®* system

The Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®* is a system for coffee and beverages in capsules made by the Nestlé company. The coffee machines that use this system made by Krups and De’Longhi (such as Piccolo, Jovia, Mini Me, Oblo, Circolo, Melody, Genio), thanks to their 15 bar pressure, are perfect for preparing not only excellent coffee, but also hot milk-based drinks with an outstanding in-cup yield, to satisfy even the most demanding coffee drinkers who are looking for the same quality they enjoy at the bar.

Caffè Borbone products that are compatible with the Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®* system can be used with the following coffee machine models:

De’Longhi – Circolo®, Genio®, Jovia®, Melody 3®, Mini ME®, Piccolo®, Stelia®, Krups – Circolo®, Creativa®, Drop®, Fontana®, KP 2000®, Lumio®, Melody 2®, Mini ME®, Movenza®, Oblo®, Piccolo®.


Compatible with
Bialetti®* system

Bialetti®* is a historic Italian company that has been linked to the world of coffee since 1933, the year in which the moka was invented. However, it is not only known for its famous coffee makers of all shapes and sizes, but also for its pod or capsule coffee machines, available in different models, to let you enjoy your favorite coffee directly at your home.

Caffè Borbone products compatible with the Bialetti®* system can be used with these coffee machine models: Bialetti®* Break, Bialetti®* Gioia, Bialetti ®Super, Bialetti®* Mokona.


Compatible with
Caffitaly®* system

The Caffitaly®* system is a typology of the capsule coffee machines made by the Italian store Caffitaly®* System, founded in 2004. The Caffitaly®* System coffee machine for domestic use is designed with a technology that allows you to obtain the perfect arrangement for each blend of coffee and other hot drinks, to always give you the best experience of taste, ready in a second. To always give you rhe best taste experience, ready in a second.

Caffè Borbone products compatible with the Caffitaly® system can be used with the following models of coffee machines: Volta S35 Caffitaly® , Arka S33 evo Caffitaly® , Iris S27 Caffitaly® , Clio S21 Caffitaly® , Bianca S22 Caffitaly® , Maia S33 Caffitaly® , Diadema S16 Caffitaly® .