Only carefully selected raw materials

Caffè Borbone has always carried on the centuries-old tradition of true Neapolitan espresso, of the highest quality, creamy and produced with carefully selected blends. Our aim is to guarantee you a product of absolute quality, starting with the careful selection of the raw materials. Our Quality Management and Control System guarantees the food safety of our products and is constantly audited by independent certification bodies to ensure compliance with international standards. Added to this is our research and development department, constantly engaged in the search for innovative solutions, to continuously offer you new products, capable of meeting all tastes and needs, even the most individual ones.

This is why Caffè Borbone is today one of the leading coffee producers in Italy, with a widespread commercial network that has allowed its products to be distributed and appreciated not only in Italy, but all over the world. A success that has come about above all thanks to our unwavering focus on quality, which has remained unchanged over time, despite the evolution of the coffee market.

A responsible supply chain, from plantations to processing

Quality control starts right at the plantations. Our technical team helps farmers in rural communities to improve the quality of their products and to adopt environmentally sustainable farming practices. In this way, we not only guarantee access to quality raw materials, but we can also protect and enhance the eco-sustainability of the entire cultivation process.

Responsible management of resources and traceability of raw materials, starting with raw coffee, is fundamental to us. This year, in fact, around 10 per cent of the total coffee will be sourced from supply chains that can demonstrate complete traceability, with the goal for 2023 to reach around 25 to 30 per cent.

Our production site

Our production site is technologically excellent, with state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on the responsible use of resources, with an increasing use of renewable energies.

Production currently takes place at our Caivano site at the following address:

Zona ASI – Località Pascarola SNC – 80023 – Caivano, Italy

Guaranteed quality from production to packaging

Our quality control monitors safety and quality standards during every stage of production and preparation of our products. Nothing escapes the attention of our employees, who supervise the entire production process, right up to packaging, to ensure that the organoleptic qualities of our blends remain unaltered and to guarantee the safety of the raw materials used.