Your trust, our most treasured prize

Over the years we have obtained numerous awards of which we are proud, but what is most important for us is the trust and satisfaction of those who choose us every day.

That is why we have always been committed to offering you outstanding products, with carefully selected raw materials, capable of giving you a “magical emotion” that will transform your breaks into something special.


Awarded by consumers

Consumer opinion recognises Caffè Borbone, which wins the Quality Award for two consecutive years, in 2019 for pods and in 2020 for ground coffee. To receive the Quality Award, the product is assessed by consumers in a blind test. The brand does not influence the assessment; only quality counts.


World taste experts award compatible capsules

The jury of international experts made up of chefs from the International Taste Institute awards three blends of Caffè Borbone for the second year in a row. The award went to the compatible capsules, with an approval rating ranging from 80% to 90%.


An increasingly green pleasure: “Growth and Sustainability” Award

Among the awards granted by “Eccellenze d’impresa”, Caffè Borbone also wins the “Growth and Sustainability” award dedicated to companies that have distinguished themselves in innovation and sustainability.


“Eccellenze d’impresa” overall winner

Caffè Borbone is the “Eccellenze d’impresa” overall winner for all categories, achieving first place among the other companies. A coveted recognition for companies operating in Italy distinguished by their extraordinary performance.


“Brands Award” overall winner

Caffè Borbone is the overall winner in all categories – food and non-food – of the twenty-first edition of Brands Award 2020, an initiative that awards brands that stand out in modern distribution for their growth and excellent performance. Caffè Borbone pods and capsules also win in the Packaged Food category.


Product of the year 2021

The Caffè Borbone compostable pod with a recyclable wrapper won the “Eletto Prodotto dell’Anno 2021” award. A gesture of love for nature and a tasteful choice for the palate.

*Research on 12,000 consumers carried out by IRI on a selection of products sold in Italy. – Coffee category.


International Taste Institute

The most esteemed taste experts in the world confirm the high quality of Caffè Borbone for the third year running! The Nobile/Blu blend – Capsules compatible with Nespresso®* home machines win the Superior Taste Award with a score of 81.2%.

*Nespresso® is not a trademark owned by Caffè Borbone S.r.l., which is an independent producer not connected to Société des Produits Nestlé® S.A.


Top Brand in the “New Entry” category

As part of the “Brands Award 2021”, Caffè Borbone is ranked as a top brand, in first place in the “New Entry” session, also ranking top in the Coffee category thanks to the Friends of Nature 100% Compostable Pod. A special session devoted to products launched in retail outlets from January to May 2021.


Best Brands 2022

Caffè Borbone is ranked among the top ten brands in Italy in the category “Best Growth Brand 2022”.


The Industria Felix Award

At the fifth edition of the Industria Felix awardLa Campania che compete (Campania that competes)

Caffè Borbone is awarded for its performance and recognised as the best company with an international vocation, among the best companies in the agrifood sector and among the best companies for management growth and financial reliability based in the Campania region.


Top brand in the existing product category

On the occasion of the 23rd edition of the Brands Awards, Caffè Borbone ranks 1st in the “Top Brand” and “Packaged Food” categories and 3rd in the “Retailer Award” category.