Projet d'assainissement des plages

Our beaches are often spoilt by rubbish that is not disposed of properly. At Caffè Borbone, we share our commitment to the environment with our customers and consumers. Our packaging contains clear and comprehensive information on the correct management of post-consumer waste, in order to fully benefit from the compostability and recyclability of the products.
Since 2020 we have been distributing a kit consisting of paper cups and biodegradable birch wood stirrers, a set of accessories with a reduced environmental footprint that perfectly matches the compostable pods and sustainable wrappers already on the market.

Furthermore, we support the Plastic Free voluntary association with the direct involvement of our people. We have already helped clear plastic and other waste from an area of 5 kilometres at the mouth of the Garigliano River. This collaboration will now continue with other events for the local area and communities.

Caffè del Birbantello

We believe in the value of future generations and we cherish the bond with our local area. This is why we have launched the Caffè del Birbantello project, for the second year running, an initiative that was originally set up in Naples for the children of the Rione Sanità district and this year, will open up to other cities, involving five non-profit organisations working in “challenging” urban areas. They work daily to improve the living conditions for children: the Milan-based association “Il Balzo”, the “SOS villaggi dei bambini” in Vicenza, “Il Laboratorio” cooperative in Genoa, the “Soleterre” foundation in Taranto, and the “Progetto Odisseo”, based in Palermo. Caffè Borbone has chosen to provide practical support to these valuable organisations working to defend childhood by creating the “Caffè del Birbantello” project, a colourful and original creative workshop dedicated to children, designed to foster their sense of belonging to the community through the artistic expression of their imagination. The result? Lots of colourful packs designed by the children, as unique as their imagination. This is why “Caffè del Birbantello” is good coffee twice over: for those who love the unmistakable aroma of real Neapolitan espresso and for those who care about children’s futures, starting with the most vulnerable.

The Accademia del Caffè Napoletano

For us, coffee is not just a daily ritual, but the fruit of a tradition and know-how that has always been rooted in our region. This is why, in partnership with the Medeaterranea association, we have created the Accademia del Caffè Napoletano (Neapolitan Coffee Academy). Espresso will no longer have any secrets, thanks to courses aimed at training, retraining or professionally updating operators in the sector, with particular attention to young people in the Naples area.

Loreto Mare Hospital Donation

We think it is important to offer support to our community, especially in the most challenging times. This is why, at the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020, we chose to support the local health authorities in the activation of Covid wards within the Loreto Mare Hospital in Naples, with the purchase of personal protective equipment and lung ventilators, for the benefit of doctors, health workers and patients.

Olam project in Uganda

In 2020 we supported an Olam project in Uganda, a strategic country of origin for us, aimed at countering the effects of the Covid pandemic, which posed problems for the sector operators during the harvesting season, including hundreds of women who lost their source of income. The financial support provided covered the basic needs of over 50,000 families facing difficulties, helping the local dissemination of good prevention practices and supporting the continuity of school activities for children.

The value of jute bags (Don Mazzi Exodus Foundation)

A project designed to create environmental and social value, which turns jute coffee sacks arriving from the rural communities where they originate, into corporate tote bags created by the social cooperative “I Camminatori di Exodus” founded at Don Antonio Mazzi’s Exodus Foundation, which has been working in Italy for over 35 years for the socio-occupational reintegration of girls and boys who live in situations of hardship and addiction.

“Resta a casa” blend: our gift to families during the pandemic

Coffee, especially in Italy, is considered a primary commodity, a pleasure so rooted in our habits that it has become a necessity. For this reason, we have decided to donate over 5,000 packs of fresh ground Nobile “Resta a Casa” (“Stay at Home”) blend to associations that help less well-off families, who have suffered even more by the ongoing Covid emergency, by giving them a little treat at such a difficult time.

Ri-Scatto Project

A collaboration between the Miniera association and Caffè Borbone has led to the creation of a photographic workshop dedicated to children between the ages of 10 and 14, designed to add value to the local area, promote culture and create social value by immortalising the hidden beauties of Naples’ alleyways, which wind their way through timeless landscapes. The aim of the project is to promote mutual collaboration by working together, building on the sense of belonging to the area and in particular involving children and young people from troubled backgrounds, in problematic social and family conditions. Working as a team, getting to know and appreciate one’s own city, one’s own neighbourhood, and teaching children that there is a different, brighter and at the same time inclusive world: these are the values underpinning this worthy initiative, dedicated to young photographers to help them look at the beauty of an eclectic city like Naples with fresh eyes.

A charity auction to support San Patrignano's young people

After the experience of 2021, 2022 also saw the participation of Caffè Borbone in the charity auction in support of the Rimini community of San Patrignano. The proceeds will be used not only to meet the costs of ordinary activities to support the young people already in the community, but to also extend the space to accommodate other young people through the creation of new accommodation, or “A home for the future” for many young people in need.

Over the past two years, we have also tried to make our contribution by providing products free of charge. A few figures? In addition to a coffee machine and a generously sized grinder to serve the entire community, 4,200 kg of coffee and 1,200 cups were donated.

In a place that is home to over 1,000 young people going through rehabilitation, even a small gesture like having a coffee can make you feel at home.

Borbone Kids Lab

How can the younger generations be made aware of the ‘good practices’ of recycling and reusing raw materials? Caffè Borbone in collaboration with Città della Scienza has launched the “Borbone Kids Lab”, recreational-educational workshops dedicated to children on how to creatively recycle and reuse pods and capsules. During the workshops, led by knowledgeable science educators, the little ones had fun creating works of art from used coffee pods – 100% Friends of Nature – with the help of water, brushes and sheets of paper, transforming the capsules into objects of design, and learning how to enrich soil, thanks to the plant nutrients found in coffee grounds.


Recycling and reusing raw materials are at the core of our philosophy and that is why we support Re-FOOD, the contest promoted by the Departments of Agriculture and Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II, in collaboration with ADI – Association for Industrial Design. This is a contest of ideas on the theme of reusing waste materials from agrifood supply chains, aimed at both young designers and planners under 35, as well as designers and planners, which aims to stir up a creative rethinking of waste, through the conception and production of everyday objects.

Elsa Morante prize

The Elsa Morante prize, now in its XXXVI edition and chaired by writer Dacia Maraini, was held on 24 May at the RAI Auditorium in Naples.

New this year was the inauguration of the new “TV for society – Caffè Borbone” section. Collecting the award, the young actors and the producers of the Rai 2 TV drama “Mare Fuori”.