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How are you feeling today?

Find the blend that is in tune with your emotions.


Balanced and full-bodied

Obtained from a selection of blends for a perfect balance between body, persistence and sweetness. The Blu blend is characterised by its fine taste, strong character and intense aroma.

I feel at peace with myself!

With the Blu blend I can calmly face my day accompanied by a coffee with a balanced and long-lasting aroma.


Sweet and refined

A perfect synthesis of flavour and refinement, creaminess, sweetness and character, the Oro blend satisfies even the most discerning palates that long to sip the true flavour of beautiful Naples.

I feel sensitive!

With the Oro blend, which is so refined and sweet, everything tastes different, an unforgettable taste!


Decisive and creamy

Pure energy in the flavour, strong and creamy and delicious at the same time. It has a strong, persistent character that infuses a deep sensation of pleasure on the palate, delivering a magical feeling.

I feel determined!

I can achieve my goals almost effortlessly, because I have a clear idea of what to do. With the Rossa blend everything becomes clearer!


Intense and robust

Creamy with an assertive taste and distinctive flavour. A solid character that evokes the typical tradition of real Neapolitan coffee. Fruit of a fine selection of blends, created for a full-bodied espresso. As rich and creamy as the one at the bar.

I feel energised!

Nobody can break me: my day starts with the Nera blend, blessed with an intense, robust personality, just like me!



It is the perfect blend for those who prefer their espresso decaffeinated. Strong on the palate without sacrificing any of the flavour or typical creaminess of a really good coffee. Thanks to Caffè Borbone’s technology, this blend preserves all the characteristics of an exquisite Neapolitan coffee.

I feel light!

All the taste of coffee but without caffeine: I feel so light and ready to do without!


An espresso as good as at the bar in three blends designed to satisfy tastes from all over Italy, to give you a unique and unmistakable aroma, enclosed in the new aluminium capsule.


Dark roasted, with a clean body and flavour, but mellowed by the skilful addition of Arabica: the perfect espresso at home, just like in Naples. We dedicate this blend to Naples, the eclectic, sunny, lively and creative city, with a special understanding of espresso.


A smooth blend with a thousand nuances, rich in perfumes and aromas and with a delicate, pleasant acidity for a unique character, like the city after which it is named. Magnificent and unique, a city of glory and culture admired by the whole world, Venice was the first to bring coffee to Italy. That is why Caffè Borbone dedicates this extraordinary blend to you, designed to fully satisfy the taste and refinement of the most demanding connoisseurs of the perfect espresso.


A skilful mix of refined Robusta brings you an intense blend with full body, flavour and persistence. A unique coffee for an extraordinary, unforgettable flavour experience. We dedicate this blend to Palermo, the crossroads of cultures, with its warm, strong, and decisive character.

Our supermarket line blends

Every blend a magical emotion: find yours.


Balanced and refined

Noble, just like the ancient art of Neapolitan coffee, this blend with its harmonious, balanced taste will excite even the most discerning palates. The ideal balance between body and aroma and its refined but lingering flavour, make it an incomparable coffee for true connoisseurs.


A magical emotion for restoring harmony


The perfect balance between delicacy and taste: with Nobile blend, one taste is enough to enjoy a delicious, relaxing break.


Soft and creamy

The smooth taste and sweetness of the Suprema blend caress the palate, transforming the magic that is coffee into moments of pure pleasure: it has a well-rounded and creamy body, as enveloping as the complex, harmonious aroma it releases. A coffee that you will fall in love with and that can conquer any heart with just one sip.


A magical emotion for romantic souls


As soft and sweet as an embrace, the Suprema blend goes straight from the palate to the heart. Unique, like your first true love.


Intense and persistent

It is impossible to remain indifferent to this blend with its strong character and tenacious soul: its full-bodied and structured flavour and unique creaminess are a real thrill for the palate. Energetic and practical, like those who know what they want and are looking for a coffee with an unmistakable personality.


A magical emotion for recharging your batteries


To start the day with the right amount of energy, all you need is a taste of the Decisa blend: with its powerful character and intense flavour, it is the ideal ally for regaining momentum!


Tasty and unique

The magic of coffee is brought to life in this blend which also in the Dek version brings you the pleasure of a real Neapolitan espresso. Thanks to Caffè Borbone’s exclusive technology, the Dek blend retains its strong body and intense aroma, to the delight of those who don’t want to sacrifice anything, except caffeine.


A magical emotion for those who know how to look beyond


Who says that decaf isn’t proper coffee? Tasty and creamy, this blend reveals an extraordinary character, just like those who think outside the box.


Three different blends designed for the new aluminium capsules, which will wow you with their heady, intense aroma, all waiting to be enjoyed.


A harmonious combination of Brazilian Arabica and Asian and African Robusta gives us a blend that offers a perfect balance between aroma and body. The ultimate expression of true Neapolitan espresso will give you an authentic taste experience, thanks to its creaminess and its prominent but never excessive persistence. This is how the Neapolitans like their coffee and one sip will be enough for you to see why.


A selection of the best qualities of African and Asian Robusta, skilfully blended to bring out their strong character, results in a blend with a lively character, dark roasted and with a pronounced persistence. Perfect for those who are looking for something more in their espresso: one sip is enough to start an exciting journey towards decisive flavours that linger on the palate for an intensely pleasurable, enveloping experience.


Thanks to the predominance of Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffees, diluted by Asian and African Robusta, this blend offers the perfect balance of aroma and taste.

To satisfy the most demanding palates, we wanted to create a harmony of flavours by blending only the finest coffees from selected origins. The result is a smooth blend, which is never too acidic, with a pronounced and unexpected body, dedicated to those who always seek the best in life, starting with coffee.