NEW Moka Karina for roasted and grinded coffee

Moka Karina is the new and exclusive ceramic and steel coffee maker made by Caffè Borbone. It has a porcelain jug with rounded lines and a nice and original design. Hard feldspar porcelain is a particular type of ceramic with great thermal properties (ideal for keeping coffee hot), very hygienic and resistant to thermal shocks, bumps and scratches. The four-cup coffee makers are available in various colors and are suitable for any type of hob, such as induction, gas, electric or ceramic hobs. With Moka Karina you can enjoy the fine blends of Grinded Caffè Borbone in the best way, savoring the unmistakable taste and aroma.

Advice for correct use and storage of Moka Karina: after use, rinse the boiler and store it completely dry. To maintain its characteristics over time, it is recommended to occasionally wash the boiler with white vinegar, letting the vinegar sit for 5 minutes and, in the case of parts with limescale or oxidation, use a brush or a soft abrasive sponge, then let the white vinegar sit for 5 more minutes. Your Moka Karina will always remain perfect!