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COMPATIBLE Capsules with Nespresso®* domestic coffee machines


The new capsule compatible with Nespresso®* machines is made of neutral top lead aluminum, to give you all the aroma and extraordinary uniqueness of our blends.

Blend "Mia Napoli"

Dark toasted, with clear body and taste, but tempered by the skilful addition of Arabica: from today you can enjoy the perfect espresso at home, as it is drunk in Naples.

And it is precisely in Naples that we want to dedicate this blend, an eclectic, sunny, lively and creative city, where the special way of understanding coffee has taken shape.

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blend "ciao venezia"

A soft blend rich in a thousand shades, generous in perfumes and aromas and pleasant acidity that is never intrusive, but which gives it a unique character, like the city from which it takes its name.

Magnificent and special, a city of glory and culture that the whole world admires, Venice was in fact the first to have welcomed coffee in Italy.

This is why Caffè Borbone dedicates this extraordinary blend to you, designed to fully satisfy the taste and refinement of the most sophisticated lovers of the perfect espresso.

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blend "magica palermo"

From the skilful mix of refined types of Robusta comes an intense blend, with body, taste and pronounced persistence.

A unique coffee, for a never dull experience, with an unforgettable flavor. This is why we wanted to dedicate it to the splendid Palermo, a city of crossroads of cultures, with a warm, strong and decisive character.

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