Borbone Coffee Cups


When you have to choose a cup for coffee, it is important first of all to focus on the materials: in fact, these must be made with rather resistant materials.

What materials do you prefer? Surely the favorite is ceramic! The reason is simple, it manages to maintain the heat and aroma of the coffee and then neither the shape nor the color tend to change over time, even if they are used daily.

Caffè Borbone coffee cups.. the best for your coffee!

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...Tips for drinking excellent coffee:

  • Long coffee (40cc)
  • Neapolitan coffee (25cc)
  • Short coffee (20 cc)

Product features:

  • "Megaphone" effect to amplify the aromas
  • Curved bottom to gently welcome the cream... and what a CREAM!
  • Narrow section to raise the cream

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Borbone Coffee Cups



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