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2 Results

Caffè Borbone Beans

The Borbone coffee beans from the Vending line is suitable for vending machines but also for domestic use, for example for automatic coffee machines or for those who love making coffee with the coffeepot using freshly ground coffee beans with a special grinder. The coffee beans are available in the Red blend (for a strong and decisive espresso, which gives the right energy) and in the Blue blend (for a creamy and full-bodied espresso, with a balanced and round taste).

Borbone Coffee Beans

The Vending line of Caffè Borbone is designed for automatic distributors, but also for home use. The coffee bean packs are in fact suitable both for use in coffee vending machines (therefore for example in your office, company, hospitals, public bodies, etc.), and for domestic use. In this case they are suitable both for coffee machines that work with grains, and for those who choose to grind coffee directly at home before using it in the moka pot.

Single packs of 500 grams or multiple packs can be purchased online.


The Blue blend is suitable for those who prefer a full-bodied and creamy espresso. Result of the perfect dosage of Arabica and Robusta coffee blends. The beans have been perfectly roasted, and give the coffee a balanced and round taste.

The Red blend, born from a careful selection of the best qualities of coffee, is designed for those who want an espresso with a strong and decisive flavor, which gives the right energy.