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Neapolitan Tradition

Sipping a cup of Caffè Borbone is a relaxing sensory journey, offering a taste of the Neapolitan traditions and history associated with this ancient ritual.

In Naples, coffee is seen as something of a human right, which led to the creation of the “caffè sospeso”, allowing coffee shop customers to buy an extra cup for struggling patrons.

Business meetings, lunch, dinner, casual gatherings… every social interaction in Naples is built around coffee!

Caffè Borbone is more than just a company: it is a family that has cultivated its passion for coffee over the course of many years, combining new technology with Neapolitan traditions to create a high-quality product.

The secret of our success lies in our carefully selected raw ingredients, our automated yet constantly supervised manufacturing process, and the drive for progress that has always guided the Caffè Borbone brand.