Caffè Borbone Compostable Coffee Pods with recyclable packaging


Caffè Borbone, ambassador of the Neapolitan coffee tradition, launches the compostable pod, an already sustainable way to enjoy a good coffee, with its wrapper recyclable in the paper!

Now the Caffè Borbone pod can really be said to be 100% friend of Nature, thanks to the technology born from the constant attention and commitment of the company in the research and development, in collaboration with Seda International Packaging Group. So, a completely Neapolitan result.

In addition, the compostable pod with recyclable wrapping was elected product of the year 2021, a recognition that reflects the approval of 12,000 Italian consumers. Not only the pod will be compostable but also the entire wrapping.

The Borbone pods in ESE 44 mm paper filter, being compostable, can therefore be disposed of in the wet to become compost. The wrapping, on the other hand, is recyclable in the separate collection of paper. A step towards an ever greater eco-sustainability of Caffè Borbone products.

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