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Caffè del Birbantello - 150 Pods of Caffè Borbone BLU Blend


"Caffè del Birbantello" is good coffee twice: for those who love the unmistakable aroma of true Neapolitan espresso and for those who care about the future of children, starting with the most fragile. An initiative that was born in Naples for the "little boys" of the Rione Sanità and which this year opens up to other cities involving five non-profit organizations active in "difficult" urban areas, who work daily to improve the living conditions of the little ones: the association "Il Balzo" of Milan, "Sos children's villages" of Vicenza, the cooperative "The laboratory" of Genoa, the "Soleterre" foundation of Taranto and the "Odysseus Project" of Palermo.
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Caffè Borbone has chosen to concretely support these precious realities deployed in defense of childhood by creating the "Caffè del Birbantello" project, a colorful and original laboratory creative dedicated to children, designed to foster their sense of belonging to the territory through the artistic expression of their imagination. Collect all the packs designed by our "rascals": you will discover that each pack is unique, like a child's imagination.

Roast & ground coffee

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Caffè del Birbantello - 150 Pods of Caffè Borbone BLU Blend



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