Caffè Borbone sponsor
of emotions and culture

For us, coffee is an art, which goes straight to the heart. In every cup there is a world of emotions, all to be relished. This is why we have chosen to support organisations linked to culture, theatre and music: because the beauty of life is to thoroughly enjoy every second.

Emotion at the theatre

Caffè Borbone is partner and official supplier to three major Italian theatres that represent Italian culture from north to south: the Teatro della Scala in Milan, built at the behest of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, was the home of Rossini, Verdi and Puccini and later of Toscanini and Callas; the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, founded in 1737 by the Bourbons, is the oldest opera house in both Europe and the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which bears the name of its prestigious Festival, the third oldest in Europe and famous the world over.

Coffee breaks associated with moments of inspiration and the enjoyment of art have deep social and cultural roots in our country and originate in the once elitist and exclusive literary cafés. Today, art and theatre work hard to reach a wide and diverse audience, thanks in part to initiatives such as live streaming from La Scala. Theatre, like coffee, needs to be accessible to everyone. For this reason, Caffè Borbone is actively committed to promoting Italian social, cultural and artistic values. And what could be lovelier than alternating the notes of the sweetest music with those of the unmistakable aroma of real Neapolitan coffee? This is why Caffè Borbone also delivers a magical emotion to the foyer bars, where you can enjoy its finest blends in the intervals between acts.

Emotion and art

What do a cup of coffee and a work of art have in common? Both can open the door to a broad spectrum of emotions.

With this in mind, Caffè Borbone has created the column “Art in a coffee”, working with various artists who have reinterpreted the most famous paintings in the history of art in a Caffè Borbone vein.


Emotion in Music
“Magica Emozione” Caffè Borbone’s internet radio

Terrific music spanning different genres, real time news and plenty of features and trivia: Caffè Borbone’s internet radio is here to keep you company throughout the day and to give you the perfect soundtrack to “relish” during your breaks. The perfect combination to start your day in the best possible way, don’t you think? The music you love and a cup of Caffè Borbone in your favourite blend.


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Emotion in Music
Emotions under the stage

Caffè Borbone supports live music and is the official sponsor of the upcoming tours of Vasco Rossi, one of the best-loved and most-followed greats of Italian music.

Good music for us is like coffee: pure emotion.