A social coffee

Having a coffee has always been a “social” ritual: when we offer our guests a coffee when they drop in to see us at home, or when we meet up with friends at the bar for a chat, all it takes is a cup of coffee to create an enjoyable atmosphere for sharing.

This is why we at Caffè Borbone have chosen to have a presence on the main social networks, to bring us closer to our consumers not just for sharing interesting information about our products, but also for providing fun and light content to accompany you on all of your breaks.


We look forward to seeing you for a coffee on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube!




Caffè Borbone
arrives on TikTok

So that we can engage with younger people, we have chosen to expand our media mix by opening our TikTok channel. Post-Millennials (the first digital native generation) are actually very active on TikTok and constantly access it to enjoy and create content.

To inaugurate the TikTok channel, consolidating the well-established collaboration with The Jackals, we have launched “Le verità nascoste” (The Hidden Truths), a campaign that is a tongue-in-cheek observation about the real meaning behind the request to “go for a coffee”. Whether it is an excuse to take a break from studying, an excuse to see an ex-boyfriend or to meet up with friends you met on holiday, the invitation to go for a coffee together is often a real ploy to imply something else, a concept that The Jackals manage to express, thanks to their humour, while emphasising the value of espresso coffee as a social attractor.