Monodosis ESE 44mm

RED Blend ESE Paper Pods 44 mm Caffè Borbone



With a strong flavor, is the perfect coffee to give himself a jolt of vitality.

Discount with the purchase of multiple boxes of 150 capsules.

€ 8,90 - € 24,00
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Pods Caffè Borbone ESE 44mm COMPOSTABLE - RECYCLABLE PACK on online sale at a very affordable price!

Roast & ground coffee

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Properties of our Red Blend

Deliciously strong, creamy and brimming with energy. Its bold and persistent character will delight and tantalise the palate. 100% specially selected robusta.

Pods and Compatible Capsules

Discover which Coffee Machine this pods or capsules are compatible with

RED Blend ESE Paper Pods 44 mm Caffè Borbone

€ 8,90 - € 24,00

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