Monodosis ESE 44mm

DEK GREEN Blend ESE Paper Pods 44 mm Caffè Borbone



Light decaffeinated that has nothing to envy to the traditional Neapolitan espresso

Discount with the purchase of multiple boxes of 150 capsules.

€ 11,00 - € 29,20
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Pods Caffè Borbone ESE 44mm COMPOSTABLE - RECYCLABLE PACK on online sale at a very affordable price!

Roast & ground coffee

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Properties of our Green Dek

The perfect blend for decaf espresso drinkers. Bold on the palate, with all the flavour and creaminess of authentic coffee. Thanks to Caffè Borbone’s advanced technology, this blend tastes just like a traditional Neapolitan coffee.

Pods and Compatible Capsules

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DEK GREEN Blend ESE Paper Pods 44 mm Caffè Borbone

€ 11,00 - € 29,20

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